Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, new beginnings!

I've never been someone who has been afraid of change, but when I think about it...there hasn't been too many radical changes in my life so far. I am content and overflowing with happiness that I am able to have a job (if you can call it that) which I absolutely adore, I am married to an incredibly supportive husband whom I love completely, I have my wonderful family in close range, and I have forged great relationships with amazing people. 2011 will be a year of exciting changes for my husband and I, as Sam has decided to pursue a PHD in bio medical science and because of this.....(big announcement!)......we are moving to AUSTRALIA in June 2011! Melbourne to be exact.

First of all I want to emphasis that I will still be available to photograph weddings in NZ and IT WONT COST YOU ANY MORE (for travel etc.). I have and continue to book weddings for 2011 & 2012 in New Zealand. I love my NZ brides, and the great thing about photography is that it's a pretty portable career and I'm confident that nothing will change in terms of my service and availability.

I am feeling a bit sad to be leaving Aotearoa, but happy that I get to come back lots for many gorgeous weddings. I'm also excited for a change of scene in Melbourne, and for whatever this new adventure brings!

The above pic is from our camping holiday last weekend at the most gorgeous beach I have ever been to. Ever. Otama in the coromandel. Absolute paradise. I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful summer we have! I'm going to Great Barrier Island on Sunday for 10 days with my family, after a wedding tomorrow and one on Saturday. So excited!


  1. Very exciting news Kate... what an adventure!! All the best to you xo

  2. Welcome Kate, it will be wonderful to have you in Melbourne :)

  3. Hey Kate, we've never met before but I'm a "long time listener, first time caller" of your blog. CONGRATULATIONS on the news about moving to Melbourne. I spent 3 years there (after moving from NZ) and wow. Six ways from! Truth be told, it took the power of my now fiance to extract me, otherwise I'd be there still. The fashion, the food, the people, the shoes. You will be so unbelievably inspired. I could go on forever. How can you not love it! There's so many Melbourne hideaways that I found living there, so if you ever want an adventure just post on here and I'll let you know :) In the meantime learn to love the AFL - Go the Saints :) - Jacqueline


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