Friday, October 15, 2010

The Grand Wedding Show: Photos + Thoughts


This was my first Wedding Show I have exhibited at. SO much time went into this, the planning, the designing, the printing, the proofing, the hiring, the paying... :) I went in completely not knowing what to expect. I was over the moon with how my stand looked (many a night worrying about this!) I really wanted something that reflected my brand, and I think in the end it really did. THANK YOU to everyone that helped me (you know who you are!) I think when I have my own studio I'd want it to look a little like this (minus the carpet and velcro walls) :). I loved being able to talk to lots of brides about their plans, and what I had to offer. I definitely think all the hard work was worth it, I'm pretty sure I will exhibit at a wedding show again. Lots of brides are planning for 2012 out there! I have had a few bookings from the show so far.. Photographers: Do you exhibit at wedding shows? Do you find them good for your business? Love to hear from you! Leave a comment if you like.

Finshed! The day before.

The Engagement wall. Samples of Guest Sign-In books, Photography gift registry, gift vouchers.


I love the floral back of this chair.

Lollies! Lots of people have asked where I got these, you can find them here.

Information booklets.


Gorgeous sample Queensberry albums.

Front on view..

Us on the day! My husband was an INCREDIBLE help on the day, he was also good to chat to any guys hanging around in the wings. To any guys that went to the show with their fiances: YOU ARE AWESOME.

Happy weekend everyone!

PS- Check out Wedding Wise. Thank you for the feature guys!
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  1. Your stand looks brilliant Kate! Awesome your husband was there to help!

  2. Your stand did look very lovely. Always good when hard work pays off!


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