Thursday, September 16, 2010

Covet & Kate Sunnies

I've been wanting (needing :)) some Kate Sylvester Sunglasses for a while now...but the more I thought about it the more I knew it was RISKY buying sunnies for around $300 because of my terrible record of breaking my sunglasses! I have sat on them, thrown them in my bag=scratched, had them perched on my head only to have them fall off and break....and also left them behind at countless places.... SO.. When I discovered this amazing place called Covet I was over the moon when I saw some Kate Sylvester sunglasses in the corner with my name written on them (literally haha) and what made it even sweeter was they were a fraction of the original price. I'm in love...





Covet only accepts designer and very special items, the items are displayed at the original price for 4 weeks, then anything unsold after 4 weeks will be reduced by up to 50% of their full price. Anything unsold after six weeks will be reduced again by a further 50%. If still not sold after 7 weeks, they are sold at $8. Anyone living in Auckland go check Covet out! xx

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