Friday, July 9, 2010

Things I know to be true

Lately I have been doing some soul searching.

Now, before you right me off as some self-indulgant, cross-legged-hippy-who-has-her-mind-in-the-clouds WEIRDO.... let me explain.

I want to be COMPLETELY true to myself in all that I do. To create my life with intention. It may seem like a simple thing knowing ourselves and living our lives authentically according to who we really are......not who/what our parents, media, culture or community want us to can be a challenge of gigantic proportions! And even if we have a firm grounding of who we are inside, putting it OUT THERE can also be a tad frightening because I think we can all be afraid of not being accepted for who we really are, or what others might think of us.

Thanks to Fiona Anderson Photography for the above photos!

This brings me to THINGS I KNOW TO BE TRUE........

1) I have a slight obsession with Nigella Lawson.
2) I treasure all hand-written notes & cards I receive and I still have some from when I was 5...
3) I bit myself when I was little to get my sisters in trouble.
4) While cruising the net, I frequently add things to my cart, never intending to buy them.
5) People call me by 4 variations of my name, Kate, Kat, Katie, Kathryn, and it's not unusual to be called all 4 in a single day.
6) I have a lace collection.
7) I love vintage floral fabric.
8) I am a 'girly girl'
9) Everyday I have on average a MILLION new ideas. (Okay....maybe not a million. But close to!)
10) I believe in God.
11) I have cut my husband's hair from the day I met him (and still do).
12) I am a sucker for natural skincare.
13) I have a major sweet tooth.
14) Cooking relaxes me.
15 I get heat rash in really hot climates.
16) I love people watching.
17) I love photographing people in love. Duh.
18) I feel cherished when someone really listens.
19) The best gift I have received was a photo album my husband made of fun times we have had together.
20) When I was young I wanted to be an eye doctor (or maybe this was what my parents wanted!)


  1. I love your list! I love ALL things vintage too! And I LOVE your photography! You last post of the enagagment shoot with the beautiful hazy light.....ahhhhhhh....wonderful!

  2. Thanks Rachael! Just checked out your blog, NICE! Thank you for your lovely comments xx


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