Saturday, June 5, 2010

Facebook love.

These days it seems like EVERYONE is on Facebook... And while some (like my husband!) may argue there is no such thing as privacy anymore, and refuse to get a FB page for that reason, I am definitely a fan of it. Why? Because I met up with my long lost bestie from primary school the other day, and yes we found each other on Facebook after 15 years of no contact! LOVE it.

haha, this was taken at one of my birthday parties :)....slightly embarrassing...!

Courtney and I were real besties. We knew each other from Kindy, and were best friends all the way through primary together until when I was 9 and moved away. Even then, we wrote letters back and forth, visited one another occasionally, but inevitably over time the letters got less and less frequent, and eventually ended up losing touch with one another. It was incredibly AMAZING and so so good to meet up again, it almost seemed surreal.


Thanks Facebook! :)

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