Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Photoshoot


A few weeks ago I was in FRONT of the camera, and not just any old camera... the lovely, exceptionally talented, beautiful Fiona Anderson's camera. I met Fiona at the Jasmine Star workshop in January. I had been following her blog for a little while, and had absolutely fallen in LOVE with her photography and the special way she captures her subject. There is magic in her photos, although they are usually simple, they are clean, pure, crisp and just plain AMAZING. I knew I wanted to have some photographs taken of me for the branding of my website which is yet to be launched... and I jumped at the chance of having Fiona take them! So after a flight to Christchurch and a 3 hour drive we met up and had the shoot. I really wanted to write about my experience behind the camera with a professional because alot of people before I photograph them inform me ' I'm really unphotogenic' or 'I hate having my photo taken' and to be honest I really wanted to see what it would be like! Personally I LOVED it :) I definately think it depends on who is behind the camera, and how they make you feel in front of their lens. I felt proud, I had fun, I felt beautiful (am I allowed to say that??), Fiona made me feel confident, I felt appreciative, I felt important, I felt like my dreams were shaping into reality, and I felt thankful to be in this profession.

I think as a photographer it's important to get yourself photographed by a professional because how will you ever know how to relate to your clients if you have never been in-front of the lens? If I can make my clients feel even a little of how I felt in front of the camera, I think I would of succeeded.

To see some of the photos visit Fiona's Blog more to come! Happy Easter xx

My husband and I went on a camping trip while we were down in the South Island, so here are some photographs because a post that has alot of words is always better with a few photos!

I told Sam he looked like he was modeling for Icebreaker when I took this

I'm not so fortunate!! This was outside our tent feeding a tame Weka our breakfast.

South Island-122

Our view outside our tent in the morning :)

Love the self timer!

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