Wednesday, August 12, 2009


So here begins an online journal of where I am headed. I really want to document my photographic/design adventure, along it's mangled and gnarled path and I am also writing because I never want to forget my humble beginnings of my great future :) and to celebrate and learn from my mistakes.

So here is my first set of photos... and it starts with my family. The weekend just gone we decided to do some family shots. So, after setting the camera up on a tripod and figuring out how to do time exposures so the camera would trigger automatically at specified times, waiting for everyone to get ready.... (you may notice 5 girls in the photos) we were away! And no it wasn't easy getting trying to get everyone to be enthused in front of a camera with no-one behind it, but we all felt pretty silly so eventually everyone loosened up. Don't think these are the best photographs technically because of all the different light and the background may be a bit busy..... but we had fun! (I think)

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